fiin's objectives

  1. To help ensure the integrity of food supply chains and protect the interests of the consumer
  2. To address the recommendations from the ‘Elliott report’ for industry to establish a ‘safe haven’ to collect, collate, analyse and disseminate information and intelligence
  3. To work with government bodies to better understand where risks may sit in the UK food industry from food fraud
  4. To help disrupt those activities and in doing so further enhance the reputation of the UK food industry

How will we achieve these?

The intelligence sharing mechanism at the heart of fiin allows members to adopt a more targeted approach to supply chain assurance. Submitting data through an independent third party gives members an indication of the level of scrutiny of supply chains for different categories of products.

This enables our members to target their resources, so they can safeguard the integrity of their supply chains based on the intelligence and insight from fiin.

Progress to date

  • fiin represents approximately £115bn of the UK food and drink industry
  • Over 50,000 authenticity tests are conducted and pooled for intelligence sharing every year
  • From the original 21 founding members there are now 47 current members