Why join fiin

fiin membership provides access to unique insight and intelligence into food and drink authenticity trends, enabling a more strategic and targeted approach to supply chain assurance.


Our features

Members receive a breadth of quantitative and qualitative data and insight into food authenticity in the UK and globally, which include:


Data submission through an online platform providing a smooth, automated process for submission, anonymisation and collation


Access to view and analyse data from over 200,000 test results through an online dashboard


Anonymised data reports from the collated results of member testing and traceability exercises


A quarterly report on the top ten areas of food authenticity focus, based on exclusive member insight and intelligence


A quarterly publication on global food supply chain integrity, developed by the TSG and our independent scientific advisor 


Access to training materials on criminal food fraud auditing

Working with food regulators

In addition, fiin has a clear and structured system of two-way information sharing with regulators on industry challenges including the Food Standards Agency’s (FSA) National Food Crime Unit (NFCU), Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI), and Food Standards Scotland (FSS).

Through these relationships and our extensive network, we are not only able to share key information on industry trends on a quarterly basis, but also member e-alerts on current issues in real time.


Supported by Campden BRI, the intelligence and insight that fiin can provide grows with its membership base. By joining our pioneering network, you will ensure the UK continues to be leading-edge in deterring food fraud.

Fee structure

Small Businesses

Small Business

With a turnover of
 less than £10m

Membership fee:
 £500 per annum

Medium Business

Medium Businesses

With a turnovers of more than £10m but less than £100m

Membership fee:
 £1,500 per annum

Large Businesses

Large Businesses

With a turnover of 
more than £100M

Membership fee: 
£3,000 per annum