Professor Chris Elliot

Professor Christopher Elliott on fiin

Back in 2014 when I published the Elliott report as a response to the Horsemeat Scandal I was told by some well-informed officials that like all good reports it would gather dust.

When I look back I'm very glad to say this was far from the case.

Two extremely important actions have been taken; firstly, the formation of the National and Scottish Food Crime Units so clearly key governmental responses. The second is the formation of the Food Industry Intelligence Network (fiin), a response from the UK food industry. I see both of these actions as being of huge importance to protecting all UK citizens and a very good food industry.  

Independent adviser to the fiin board

For fiin, I haven't been watching from afar but rather at the core. I was delighted and honoured to be asked to serve on its board and have observed the organisation growing in members, in confidence, stature and importance. How fiin operates is a testament to an industry that wants to do the right thing.

On my travels around the world I see at first hand that so many countries now envy what fiin has achieved but they struggle to understand how such an organisation might ever come about in their own jurisdictions.

To all fiin members, I congratulate you but also remind you that there will be further integrity challenges ahead, but we will tackle these shoulder to shoulder.