fiin more than doubles its membership

fiin more than doubles its membership

Back in 2015, fiin was established by a group of 21 food industry technical leaders in response to the recommendation of the ‘Elliott report’ to provide a collaborative and targeted approach to combatting food fraud.

Since inception, fiin’s membership has been open to the breadth of the food and drink supply chain and has grown year-on-year. Now, seven years later, fiin is made up of 51 members, including representation from retail, manufacturing, ingredient and food service sectors.

The strength of fiin has always come from its members, as welcoming new companies across the supply chain enables a greater pool of data to be gathered, helping create more robust barriers to food fraud. Despite the impact of Covid-19, fiin has continued to collate product authenticity test results throughout the pandemic, providing members with valuable insight and intelligence into potential food fraud issues.

Just last year fiin welcomed three additional members:

Westmill Foods (Part of ABF)

This is one of Europe’s largest specialist food companies, manufacturer and supplier of authentic Asian and Afro-Caribbean food. The business serves chefs and restaurant owners with a range of products including rice, spices, sauces and takeaways.

Sabater Spices

Working in more than 79 countries, Sabater Spices offers a tailored spices product range to suit the needs of customers. 

Pilgrim Food Masters

With a team of 4,500 employees across 11 facilities in the UK and Ireland, Pilgrim Food Masters manufactures chilled products, providing convenience food solutions.

Future membership expansion

fiin continues to welcome new members across the supply chain, however in particular, fiin is looking to gain better representation in certain sectors. This includes alcoholic drinks, ingredients, and the SMEs sector. Gaining members in these areas would mean a greater collective of anonymised datasets, resulting in more targeted and robust intelligence.

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