Fiin membership increased to 58

Fiin membership increases to 58

Seven years on from the launch of fiin, the organisation is pleased to have expanded its membership network to 58 this summer.

Initially established by a group of 21 food industry technical leaders in response to the recommendation of the ‘Elliott report’,  fiin has gone from strength to strength and now includes representation from retail, manufacturing, ingredient and food service sectors.

The recent increase in membership will allow fiin to expand its data source, helping to build a even more robust view of food and drink authenticity across the food supply chain.

Three of fiin’s newest members include, Gousto, Nestle and Walmart.



Gousto is a delivery recipe box company, which allows customers to make easy to create meals at home, with pre-measured, fresh ingredients and easy-to-follow recipes. It currently employs over 900 employees and operates predominately in the UK.

The company joins fiin at an important time, with the rise of food delivery services and when consumers are looking to purchase their food in different methods, not just the traditional supermarket.



Nestlé is a European multinational food and drink producer which employees over 276,000 globally and is responsible for the production and distribution for a wide range of well-known household brands. 



As one of the world’s biggest retailers, the introduction of Walmart as a member has been a valuable addition to the fiin network. The Unites States based multinational retail corporation currently operates in 24 counties, employs 2.3 million people globally and associates with more than 100,000 supplies.


The importance of a membership network in the food industry

As both a network, and as individual businesses, fiin is dedicated to providing UK consumers the highest level of protection against food fraud.

Membership growth allows the organisation to gather additional data from a wide range of companies across the supply chain, creating a more robust system to prevent food fraud from infiltrating the market.

More recently, the commitment from fiin members to preventing food fraud has been reflected in the increased use of the alert template and system on the members site, which gives members access to early warning signs within the supply chains.

To find out more about fiin, and how it can support your business in the food supply chain, click here.